Monsta Party NFTs

Monsta Party is a collection of 10,000 Play-2-Earn NFTs, and is the first NFT project backed by a legit DeFi protocol, Cake Monster.

Party Monstas like gettin’ down ’n’ dirty, dressin’ to tha’ nines, and bustin’ a groove... So make sure you feed 'em little and often to keep their party energy up and keep the Monsta Party bumpin’!

Monsta Party will be the World’s First Generative Art NFT Project in Space. They'll have three separate launch vehicles travelling up to 40,000 meters from earth.

Against the backdrop of space, you’ll see:

  • The cute Cake Monster mascot plushie.
  • An incredible Holographic laser show.
  • A screen displaying a show reel of Monsta Party NFTs.

Monsta Party AMA Replay

We held an AMA session with the project lead of Monsta Party and got the scoop on all the upcoming plans and news. You can catch a replay of the session here below:

Updates and more

Stay up to date on the latest announcements and news from the team by joining the Monsta Party Discord server and following them on Twitter!




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