RisingSun - SamuraiRising and Rise of the Shogun

RisingSun is a community-driven GameFi platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. It combines a unique Ecosystem combined with meticulously designed NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting, Play to Earn ecosystem.

Their flagship game, SamuraiRising is composed of uniquely generated Samurai battle card NFTs. Samurai cards are minted by opening Mystery Samurai Crates that are acquired by recruitment or can be bought from the marketplace. The samurai cards can be used in the SamuraiRising play-to-earn trading card game.

The Team behind RisingSun has worked tirelessly to continue to innovate and bring their community unique and valuable additions to their ecosystem. They always take into consideration the feedback and comments from their investors and community and they have been avid supporters of us here at The DeFi District for quite some time.

To celebrate our official partnership, we held an AMA with their team where we discussed their latest P2E project "SamuraiRising" as well as their upcoming plans for their new game, Rise of the Shogun! Community members and listeners of the AMA got a chance to enter into a giveaway for some free NFTs from the team at RisingSun as well as some one-week scholarships from our team at The DeFi District. Winners of the scholarships got to use the community deck of NFT battle cards to play the SamuraiRising game and keep any profits from their winnings!

Playing SamuraiRising has been a lot of fun for me! Typically, I'm not big into card-based games, but I really enjoyed learning the mechanics of this one! It's obvious that the developers put a lot of love into it! The art style is absolutely beautiful, and the gameplay is challenging, but fair. To top it off, after my first couple of days playing, they updated the game! The new matchmaking system allowed me to receive better rewards for both wins and losses, and essentially gave me more incentive to play the game on a regular basis. In my opinion, SamuraiRising is well worth the investment, both in money and time spent playing!


Rising sun was my first crypto card game experience. And it was really nice. The gameplay is quite simple for the moment, but still you can’t just randomly click on your cards and expect to win. You have to think and try to predict your opponents next move, and meanwhile make your move unexpected for them as well. Unfortunately the balance is still weak sometimes, so you may face opponents that you will never win with your deck. Music in the game is on point. Really gives Samurai era vibes. Cards design is beautiful, each card is quite unique, and you simply want to have them all. 🙂 So, it was fun, and an enjoyable experience. I’m so excited to see what’s coming next!


AMA Replay

Catch a replay of our AMA with the team from RisingSun. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, the recording is cut-off at the start and resumes part way through the AMA. We apologize for this and we plan to host the team in the future to discuss their next big updates and plans for their community!

More Details

Join the RisingSun Telegram group for more information from the team and to learn more about their upcoming plans, speak with their community and more. Plus, be sure to check back in The DeFi District as we continue to post updates and follow along their progress.

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